Caring for our extended family


Kevin Wormwood took over CITY’s first-aid division in the fall of 2019 after having spent his professional career in sales positions all over the Midwest. As the First Aid and Facility Services Sales Manager, he makes sure CITY’s customers have what they need to stay safe and compliant.

“I value relationships, first and foremost,” Kevin said. “You know we value people at CITY and not only the people who work at CITY but our extended family, the customers. Without your customer, you are not going anywhere.”

While sales is still his primary job, Kevin enjoys being able to manage a team that provides the highest service for CITY’s customers. He beliefs in being able to help people and further their careers through finding challenges every day.


“CITY looks at the relationship as being a long-term,” Kevin said. “It’s like a second family and we are in this together. I want it to be a situation where we are fulfilling a need, but I want the people to understand that we might service them today but it’s really a partnership meant for decades to come.”

Kevin used to travel the country turning around underperforming retail stores and getting them back on track. In between four to six months his goal was to turn around a store's performance and built them into a leading competitor in their market. Kevin’s goal is to create challenges and succeed through adversity, making sure whatever he works on comes out better than it was before.

“I am a challenge-oriented person, so I love the concept of challenge,” Kevin said. “Here at CITY, I can challenge myself every day and I can challenge my team to be the best they can be. It helps me stay focused and make sure we truly support our customers.”