Kevin Wormwood | Helping Others Be Their Best


Safety is an integral part of any business and at CITY we believe it starts by learning about your needs and how we can help you keep your customers, visitors and employees safe.

“That's really where the rubber meets the road,” Kevin Wormwood, CITY’s First Aid and Facility Sales Manager said. “I want to see people doing their job and see the environment they are exposed to. It sheds light on some of the services we can offer to help.”

Kevin’s number one priority is to assess a company’s safety needs and find them the right program for the right price. As a vendor of first aid and facility services, CITY wants to help companies keep their employees safe, healthy and productive. Kevin and his sales and service team always look for ways to customize each service to the customer’s unique needs while being fair and cost-effective.

“If you can't keep your employees safe, you're going to have higher turnover,” Kevin said. “If you provide a safe work environment, productivity and morale go up and it helps the business run more efficiently and effectively.”

For Kevin, the most important part about his job is being able to meet people and learn about businesses all across Iowa and Minnesota. By building those relationships, he can ensure CITY is providing a service to make each business meet its safety and compliance guidelines.

“When I am meeting with a business, I'm not walking around seeing dollar signs and thinking about all the things I can sell,” Kevin said. “It's really about what are they using and how can we make it better for them, so everyone stays safe.”

Kevin strongly believes in CITY’s values. He wants to make sure all of our partners can benefit from a CITY safety program enabling them to achieve more within their workday. CITY’s dedication to being the most responsive provider in all aspects of business resonates with his approach of always doing the best he can, to get customers what they need, to achieve their goals.

“I strongly believe that anytime you can bring an outside source to look at safety performance, it’s important so you can be the best you can, “Kevin said. “At CITY, we can help you ask the questions you didn’t ask and help you be better.”