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An effective safety culture doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a comprehensive approach and a “large commitment on behalf of the entire company.” One of the simplest ways to convey the importance of health and safety is to provide employees with the appropriate equipment, first aid supplies, and proper training.

Here are some tips from Industrial Safety & Hygiene News for building and improving your safety culture include doing the following:

  • Define safety responsibilities. Do this for each level within your organization. This should include policies, goals, and plans for the safety culture.
  • Share your safety vision. Everyone should be on the same page when establishing goals and objectives for their safety culture.
  • Enforce accountability. Create a process that holds everyone accountable for being visibly involved, especially managers and supervisors. They are the leaders for a positive change.
  • Provide multiple options for employees to bring their concerns or issues full-face. This can include the ability to talk to multiple people in different leadership positions or a place to voice concerns (such as a suggestion box or employee meeting).
  • Report, report, report. Educate employees on the importance of reporting injuries, first aids and near misses. Prepare for an increase in incidents if currently there is under-reporting. It will level off eventually.
  • Rebuild the investigation system. Evaluating the incident investigation system is critical to make sure investigations are conducted in an effective manner. This should help get to the root cause of accidents and incidents.
  • Build trust. When things start to change in the workplace, it is important to keep the water calm. Building trust will help everyone work together to see improvements.
  • Celebrate success. Make your efforts public to keep everyone motivated and updated throughout the process.


Workplace safety requires ongoing involvement. Depending on the size and field of your operations, it might take a full-time position to ensure employees are safe and your business is compliant. For those who do not have an on-site safety management team, an outsourced service or vendor is also a valuable tool you can trust.

Vendor Commitment

A fully managed first aid and safety program will significantly contribute to an organization’s safety culture. From flame resistant and high visibility garment options to first aid and safety supplies, CITY is proud of its ability to provide multiple safety options for our clients.

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