First Aid Service Representative pulling first aid supplies to fill a first aid program customer's first aid cabinet.


A First Aid Service Representative checking what safety products a customer needs in their first aid cabinetStudies Show Safety Saves

Studies show that with every dollar invested in injury prevention, businesses see a $2 to $6 return, according to Safety and Health Magazine. A quality safety and health management program can significantly reduce workplace injuries and illness and the costs associated with dealing with workers’ compensation benefits, medical expenses, and lost productivity.

A safe work environment that includes proper uniforms, equipment, safety supplies, and first aid products will help lower medical expenses in the event an employee needs medical care.

CITY offers fair pricing for an effectively stocked inventory that eliminates overstock and expired product. This gives CITY the ability to be completely transparent with our billing.

“After having CITY’s uniform program for about seven years, CITY approached us with a quote for a first aid program,” said Lee Fisher, general manager for Shottenkirk Chevy located in Waukee, Iowa. “I’m glad they did because we have saved about 40 percent compared to our previous national provider. We now stay better stocked without being overly supplied, and I feel a lot better knowing we always have what we need for our personnel.”

Below is a list of expenses that can be reduced with a well-managed CITY safety program.

  • Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Medical Expenses
  • OSHA Penalties
  • Cost for Accident Investigation
  • Cost of Employee Retention

Employers can significantly reduce costs by improving upon their safety and health management systems. Making safety a priority program that is endorsed by top management will greatly impact profitability by reducing workplace injuries and illnesses, the costs associated with workers’ compensation benefits, medical expenses, and lost productivity.

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