Fully stocked first aid cabinet of OSHA compliant first aid products


CITY believes in helping other businesses be better. We don’t do this solely by providing good-looking uniforms, but by providing products and services that keep your employees safe and save you time.

OSHA Complaint First Aid Cabinet Products

Workplace safety requires ongoing involvement. Depending on the size and field of your operations, it can be a full-time job to ensure employees are safe and your business is compliant. For those who don’t have an on-site safety management team, an outsourced service like CITY is a valuable tool. At CITY, we understand the importance of top-notch products and services focused on workplace safety compliance.

Lowering Workers’ Compensation Costs


It only takes one slip up, one oversight to severely hinder a business’s financial standing. One of the easiest ways to lower workers’ compensation costs is to have a well-documented safety program endorsed by top management. Having a safe work environment that strives to protect your employees leads to fewer claims and a safer workplace. When you make safety a priority, you are being proactive and making the choice to protect your employees from avoidable harm.

Staying OSHA Compliant

To avoid costly reparations, businesses can partner with CITY’s first aid program to ensure OSHA compliance. OSHA Laws and Regulations can be confusing, but we take steps to ensure your business is compliant to prevent and prepare for a workplace injury.

At CITY, we offer well-managed, hassle-free, inventory programs, and first aid cabinets that are serviced to remain fully stocked with high-quality safety products by trained employees. We help businesses stay OSHA compliant and more productive with minimized risk.

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