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About the CITY first aid division

Scott Coe

Mark Ballo

Now in his fourth decade with CITY, Mark is one of six members on the company’s executive team. Mark’s dedication to CITY has led him to several key management roles within multiple departments. On top of Mark’s experience, he has taken management, sales, and service courses to keep sharpening and maintaining his skills. When CITY decided to expand to the Des Moines regional territory, Mark was the individual chosen to manage, grow, and uphold the CITY service and values in Des Moines, Marshalltown, Ames, and the surrounding area.


Joe is currently responsible for First Aid Sales, as one of CITY’s First Aid Sales Representatives.

Joe is no stranger to the sales industry, and he enjoys his work because he likes “creating his own schedule, pursuing leads, and going into businesses to talk to business owners,” said Joe. Ultimately Joe likes being able to work hard and now work hard for CITY.


Kevin currently manages a team of sales and services as CITY’s First Aid and Facility Sales Manager.

Sales and giving people support are things Kevin is quite familiar with. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I’m passionate about the development of people as far back as I can remember. And without your customer, you are not going anywhere,” said Kevin.  



Eric is currently responsible for delivering, installing, maintaining, and servicing facility services for CITY’s first aid division as Facility Services Representative.

Eric has experience in service, and he knows how much it really matters and how important it is to take care of the customer. According to Eric, “that’s where it starts - you get them taken care of, and it grows from there.” And at the end of the day, Eric greatly enjoys being able to help his customers out especially with their first aid needs.

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