Your first aid cabinet will be customized to meet your needs


CITY’s first aid program allows you the ability to have control over workplace safety without the worry of doing it yourself. CITY offers a variety of different options that fit any customer’s requirements. We stock cabinets based on your personal needs.

CITY Service representative stocking a first aid cabinet to meet the clients custom needs

At CITY, we offer two basic options that you can build upon. We offer Class A and Class B first aid kits. Class A kits are going to be for clients that work in office settings or for people that are not operating heavy machinery. Class B kits are for clients that work in manufacturing or people in a factory setting where there is more risk of injury. We know precisely what you need to stay compliant with OSHA and will service your account at times that are most convenient for you.

We can also customize our program to provide extra of any product that employees use the most. In addition, we ensure that we never overstock your cabinet.

Preparing for the Unexpected

We are always ready to help when unexpected situations occur.  If you use your supply of a product quicker than expected due to an unforeseen event, we will make an additional delivery to provide you with the needed product so your compliance is never compromised.

Additional Safety Gear

You have control of safety outside the first aid cabinet. CITY can help by providing a variety of safety products that are not required by OSHA but can offer even more protection to your employees. These products include safety goggles, AED defibrillators, eye wash services, over-the-counter tablets, and ice packs.

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