How a First Aid Program Can improve Workplace Safety



CITY launched the First Aid and Facility Services division in 2017 because there was a need to make the day-to-day operations of business owners easier. When it comes to safety, there are a lot of different standards and regulations that business leaders need to follow, but because of CITY’s safe and simple approach, CITY’s First Aid and Facility Services Manager Kevin Wormwood believes there is no reason to be intimidated.


“It’s not complicated,” Kevin said. “At the core, it’s about providing a solution that makes safety an afterthought in a good way. By handing it over to us, we make sure you don’t have to worry.”


Kevin recalls visiting a customer recently and looking at their eye-wash station. The station was a plumbed unit that needed repair and Kevin and his team took it upon themselves to make sure employees can rely on a working eye-wash station. At the same time, Kevin looked around and noticed several other improvements to address potential safety concerns.


His approach was simply one of wanting to help. Pointing out hazards and providing a solution is part of Kevin’s safe and simple process. It’s not about selling or pushing a certain product, but an effort to foster trust and a sense of partnership by prioritizing safety.


“A lot of people don’t look at the safety needs before the accident happens,” Kevin said. “They think about it from a reactive standpoint and by doing that, first-aid becomes complicated.”


Kevin makes it easy by countering a reactive approach with pro-active measures that can easily be installed and improve safety right away. An AED program, first-aid box, or the eye-wash station are all things that can be installed within a day, easily managed by CITY without the need to spend time on it in-house.


For Kevin, being pro-active means making things as simple as possible for the customer. By explaining regulations properly and breaking them down to make them as relevant as possible, helps in making safety and first-aid an approachable subject.


“We understand it’s not just as simple as saying, have an eyewash bottle on the counter,” Kevin said. “There are regulations. But making those regulations bite-sized and relevant is key in making safety a priority.”


For example, OSHA regulations require employees to be able to flush out their eyes for 15 minutes continuously in case of an accident. Kevin explains that the regulations stating that fact are half a page long. From how many gallons per minute, to what kind of water, those details should be facts business owners don’t need to worry about. If they need that information, we would be happy to explain and educate as needed. By making it simple and breaking it down, Kevin can make complicated subject matter safe and simple.


“One of the key advantages me and my team have is we speak safety, but you don’t need a translator to understand us,” Kevin said. “We understand the safety side and the business side.”


For Kevin, the two key components of why a managed first-aid program is the ideal solution are time and money. Safety immediately becomes an issue that business owners are still in control of, but it’s managed from the outside so staff normally concerned with important parts of the business don’t have to focus energy and time on safety.


Money is being saved by being proactive and providing a safe work environment that keeps employees productive and safe.


“One thing that separates us is our flexibility and the ease of use,” Kevin said. “We are always no more than a phone call away and that’s important when it comes to safety.”


At CITY, you are either reaching the person servicing your account or you are reaching Kevin directly. Access to products is easy and additions can be made quickly and without any hassle. Kevin believes when it comes to safety there shouldn’t be a waiting period, and safe and simple means being quick and efficient while providing top-notch service.


“If a business owner calls me today and they need something, I am going to get it done for them,” Kevin said. “I don’t know if there are a lot of places that can say that.”