A First Aid Service Representative stocking a first aid cabinet with safety / first aid products.

Business Owners

Developing a safety culture in your business is important. In order to keep people safe, it is crucial to make sure your business is compliant with OSHA standards and has the proper supplies to treat employees when they need first aid.

One of the easiest and most hassle-free ways to stay on top of First Aid is to hire out a first aid service. In addition to protecting your employees, investing in workplace safety can save your company time by keeping employees productive and keeping morale high.

A safety program keeps you compliant with OSHA standards and having proper supplies on site allows your employees to take action when first aid is needed. You can ensure you stay on top of workplace safety by seeking out professional assistance.

Providing Peace of Mind

At CITY we provide worry-free, quality service. It’s never a guessing game if your business has the proper first aid supplies. CITY’s representatives are trained to provide a customized service to ultimately keep you compliant and your employees productive. By having a rental service, your staff has what they need when it comes to first aid products and your upper management can trust that this portion of the business is taken care of.

CITY is not only a stress-free option, but we are also cost-effective. CITY offers fair pricing while providing our clients with an adequately stocked inventory that eliminates overstock and expired product. This gives us the ability to be completely transparent with our billing and service.

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