Providing First Aid Is Like Providing Coffee



Safety is an important part of any operation and employers should make an effort to provide their employees with the safest workspace possible.


“When we look at the customers that we want to serve and we look at the needs those customers have, we want to have services that help them manage their businesses and facilities and having a first-aid division was a natural extension,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President said.


A first aid and facility services program with CITY  can show your employees and visitors to your facility that you care about the well-being of the people inside your building. While OSHA compliance is a major part of our program, we also want to make sure you can go above and beyond without being overcharged.


“First-Aid is bridging a gap with the little things that you need,” Colin said. “Those are the things that keep people comfortable at work. It is not about just doing the minimum, but maximizing your strengths by giving your employees peace of mind.”

Kevin Wormwood, CITY’s First Aid and Facility Sales Manager and his sales and service team always look for ways to customize each service to the customer’s unique needs while being fair and cost-effective.


“If you can't keep your employees safe, you're going to have higher turnover,” Kevin said. “If you provide a safe work environment, productivity and morale go up and it helps the business run more efficiently and effectively.


CITY also partners with the ACCEL group and their all-encompassing risk management program the DISCOVERisk Program. At the core stands an audit process showing companies how to best assess risk management in their workplace environments. The DISCOVERisk Program handles everything from general safety, OSHA compliance to insurance. The focus is on creating a process to analyze current risk management and improve upon it.


“We believe that it’s very important to identify problems, do a thorough analysis where we can, and then educate the client on essentially where their current risk management program stands,” Kyle Ledger, the business risk advisor and part of the DISCOVERisk Program said.


Combined with CITY’s effort to be the most responsive First Aid service in the Midwest and culture of caring, company’s’ can count on CITY to improve their bottom line by giving them the tools they need to be safe and simple.


“Providing First Aid is like providing coffee,” Colin said. “A lot of businesses that do first aid themselves look at it as an expense. A properly managed First Aid Program should save you money. It’s our job to take care of issues that our customers have and keep them doing their business.”